Pangha Homestay Community

Chiang Rai

Tai Lue community sits on the border of Thailand and Myanmar, boasting beautiful scenery made up of rice fields and the Nang Non Mountain. Tourism here is managed as a community enterprise with a center located at the Sajinnaluk Paper Factory, which also has a small market. The bicycle is the most suitable mode of transportation for traveling between each of the community’s ‘knowledge houses’ and you’ll also be able to taste some of the delicious local food which includes Ram Fuen rice and Tai Lue pizza.

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Pangha Homestay Community, Chiang Rai

2 Days 1 Night Tour Program

First Day
Meet in the afternoon Welcome ceremony for visitors at a small market. Listen to the story of the community and their products before participating in various activities until the evening. Some of the fun things to do include making the world’s only ‘rice paper’, indulging in a herbal foot spa, and checking out the ‘gold fiber’ spa.
Observe the scenery of Khun Nam Nang Non Mountain, visit an old tobacco curing plant, and inspect a rice field in the evening.
6:00 PM Dinner
Second Day
6:00 AM After breakfast, take a visit and participate in various
knowledge-building activities: Try your hand as a Shan’s knife smith, try candle making, visit the Kimju Guava Garden,
and travel  to the temporarily permitted area at the border of Thailand and Myanmar.
12:00 PM Lunch at a restaurant inside the community
1:00 PM Visit Organic Food Home and Ban Tum Yok
Worship ‘Phra Singh San Chana Man’ at Wat Phra San
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Local food

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