Baan Pa Miang Community


In the middle of a forest on top of the Phee Pan Nam Mountain Range, there is a small village where townspeople live hidden away in peace and solitary. They have inherited the ways of growing and making Miang for more than a century. When the winter season starts to come around with colder weather, the orchid trees start to bloom with an abundance of white color to be seen everywhere. The simplicity of this ‘Lanna’ lifestyle really is part of the charm of this small village tucked away in the mountains of Lampang.

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Baan Pa Miang Community, Lampang

2 Days 1 Night Tour Program

First Day
Late morning Take in the scenery while traveling to Ban Pa Miang, which is surrounded by greenery, a coffee plantation, and Miang forest.
12:00 PM Have lunch and then take a stroll through Miang forest collecting Miang leaves (for making Miang) along the way. Visit the Arabica coffee plantation.
3:00 PM Take part in a leaves pillow activity – which is good for your health
5:00 PM Miang demonstration which includes steaming and tying the leaves in an ancient style at Rong Miang
6:00 PM Dinner with a Bai Sri Su Kwan Ceremony before eating and enjoying the local music.
Rest at the homestay along with the community.
Second Day
Dawn Travel to see the sunrise and sea of mist at Giew Fin. Observe the distant scenery of both Chiang Mai and Lampang provinces from the top of the Phee Pan Nam Mountain Range.
8:30 AM Breakfast and say ‘bon voyage’!

* Please note: During the period of January – March, there is a ‘Bauhinia’ vegetarian festival – during this time, you can also see the flowers blooming with white colors all over the village.






Local food

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