Baan Laem Community

Nakhon Si Thammarat

Baan Laem is a small lovely community of Thai Muslims. The community is surrounded by abundant verdant mangrove forests. At the end of the forests is Aow Thongkum Sea of which muddy seabed covers premium pure mud rich in nutrients for skin treatment. At Ban Laem, people do different things for a living including fishing, weaving palm leaves, making curry paste and swiftlet farming.

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Baan Laem Community, Nakhon Si Thammarat

2 Days 1 Night Tour Program

First Day
10.00 AM Meet at the City Pillar Shrine and See the remains of the red-brick ancient city walls
Travel to the Royal-Initiated Pak Phanang River Basin Development Project.
Learn how the project resolves seawater intrusion to help local farmers and maintains ecological balance.

  • Visit the Royal Residential Hall of Pak Phanang.
  • Visit the museum to learn about the project.
  • Visit Uthokwipat Prasit Watergate.
12.00 PM Have lunch.

Travel to Baan Laem Homestay Conservation Group.
Learn how the group raises environmental awareness among the villagers to encourage everyone to preserve natural resources in Baan Laem. Go to the homestay and enjoy leisure time.
Hop on a bicycle to explore the village.

  • Learn how to make curry paste and shrimp paste.
  • See how the locals weave palm leaves for a living.
  • Visit a mulberry farm.
6.30 PM Have home-cooked dinner.
7.30 PM Goodnight.
Second Day
05.30 AM Take a boat ride into Aow Thongkum or the Golden Bay.

  • Build fish and crab habitats.
  • See how local fishermen catch fish in the morning.
  • Sip a hot cup of coffee while watching the sunrise. Enjoy oily rice with curry and sweet sticky rice with Thai custard.
  • Have a premium mud spa treatment in the Golden Bay.
  • Grow young mangroves in flat muddy ground.
9.30 AM Go back for a shower.
12.00 PM

Enjoy charcoal rice with fresh seafood and signature dishes like deep fried mangrove leaves for lunch.

Time to say good bye

If any problems occur, Local Alike will replace outdoor activities with indoor activities to provide everyone with the best authentic and meaningful experience.


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Please bring a towel and a change of clothes if you would like to join the mud spa activity.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and umbrella.
  • Avoid bringing valuable items on the trip.
  • Follow the advice of the community leader.



Local food

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